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Our distinctive leadership comes from a distinguished background in financial services. Here’s what each member of the leadership team has to say about the distinctive Cornerstone difference.

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Ken Hart CFA, Chief Executive Officer

The Cornerstones of Ken’s Life: His faith, family and friends.

“At Cornerstone, we all share a commitment to act from a place of integrity, at all times, as we work as problem solvers for our clients. For those who have been blessed with significant financial resources, Cornerstone offers a partnership to navigate complex decision-making so that they can have their time back, experience life with confidence and focus their time where they find the most joy and satisfaction.”

Ken joined Cornerstone Advisors in 1994 and became Chief Executive Officer of the firm in 2011. Ken serves as Chair of the Leadership Team and is a member of the Board of Directors and Investment Policy Committee. Ken has the privilege of providing strategic leadership to the company and is responsible for overseeing all aspects of our business, including client management, investment management, operations and business development.

Contact Ken Hart:

(425) 646-7600

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Douglas P. Haack, CFP®, Chief Client Relationship Officer

The Cornerstones of Doug’s Life: His wife, family and our country.

“We motivate employees to go above and beyond client’s wildest expectations. Over the years, this has included everything from walking dogs and picking up mail to identifying contractors and providing career counseling. I never get tired of hearing a client say ‘you’ll do that for me?’”

Doug joined Cornerstone Advisors in 2010. As Chief Client Relationship Officer, Doug leads Cornerstone Advisors’ client management team and is responsible for the overall vision and strategy of the Client Management group to ensure quality of service, client acquisition strategy, and staff development/growth. He builds on Cornerstone’s reputation for delivering proactive, uncompromising and confidential service to its clients.

Contact Douglas Haack:

(425) 646-7600

Bruce F. Duff, CPA, JD, Chief Operating Officer

The Cornerstones of Bruce’s Life: His faith and his family.

“We value doing the right thing and supporting one another. We celebrate one another’s successes, and take collective pride in a job well done. When any part of the company succeeds, we can all cheer and feel that reflects well on us as well as them.”

Bruce joined Cornerstone in 1991 and now serves as Chief Operating Officer and Secretary/Treasurer. He leads the effort to provide robust, innovative, and responsive infrastructure to our employees and clients. Prior to joining Cornerstone, Bruce worked as an attorney with the Seattle law firm Bogle & Gates in their General Business Group and as a CPA in the Accounting and Audit Division of the Seattle office of Arthur Andersen & Co.

Contact Bruce Duff:

(425) 646-7600

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Michael G. Hughes, CFA charterholders, CAIA, Chief Investment Officer

The Cornerstones of Mike’s Life: Act with integrity. Understand the assumptions that underlie your opinions. Don’t take what others say and do too personally. Always do your best.

“Our scale is used to give every client the ability to access the shared resources of the entire firm in order to address their financial concerns.
We succeed by understanding other people’s expectations, helping them discover what is truly important and then working with them to design a realistic plan to meet those expectations. Because while markets constantly change, good advice rarely does.”

Mike joined Cornerstone in 2008 as Chief Investment Officer, leading Cornerstone Advisors’ investment team and is responsible for developing expert investment solutions for our clients. Mike is responsible for all aspects of Cornerstone’s investments including strategy, research, and risk management. Mike’s career includes more than 28 years of investment experience.

Contact Michael Hughes:

(425) 646-7600

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Jeff Huse, CIPM, Chief Technology Officer

“We apply an unusually high amount of resources to each engagement to ensure we keep our promise to provide the highest level of service to each family we work with. While I am proud of the good work we do in our core competencies, I am even more so when we play a part in connecting families, restoring relationships and realizing new opportunities.”

Jeff joined Cornerstone Advisors in 2006 and has more than 20 years’ experience in the information technology industry. As Chief Technology Officer at Cornerstone Advisors, he is responsible for all aspects of technology including strategy, research and development, and technical operations.

Contact Jeff Huse:

(425) 646-7600

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