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Build Relationships

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The Point Living - Investing in Private Equity
Managing Director and Client Manager, Linda Olson, discusses the private equity market and how large risks can lead to the potential for even larger rewards.


LivFun - Time, Talent & Treasure
What picture springs to mind when you hear the word "giving"? Is giving a verb or an adjective? Do you think of a person you admire or an act of goodwill? Can you give without being a giver? In this article Sue Peterson, a Managing Director and Client Manager at Cornerstone Advisors, explores what giving is.


The Points Living - Women, Wealth and Investing
It's a classic sitcom or comic strip scenario: a man and woman are driving along in a car, hopelessly lost. The woman suggests they ask someone for directions and the man (perhaps quite vocally) refuses. Hilarity ensues. If only gender differences in approaches to financial management were as amusing in the real world.


Consumer Debt Can Become a Crushing Burden for Young Adults
Study hard, graduate college, get a job and enjoy your independence – this is the mantra many of us have heard and repeated for generations. But in today’s economy the mantra may be missing one important element – be smart and cautious about how you use debt on your road to future success.


The Points Living - A Well-Engineered Investment Portfolio
Linda Olson discusses how being deliberate in your design and careful in the construction of your portfolio, brings you safely to your ultimate financial destination.


The Wall Street Journal - From Random Acts to a Crafted Legacy
Sue Peterson, Managing Director and Client Manager, discusses helping her client to establish a clear philanthropic plan.


The Points Living - Creating Your Wealth Management Roadmap
Dr. Lawrence J. Peter once famously said, "If you don't know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else." He most likely wasn't referring to planning your wealth and life goals, but his sentiment holds true. When you invest the time to assess and define your goals, and create a realistic plan for achieving them, you are far more likely to end up where you want to be.


LivFun - Mother May I... In Reverse
Permission. Authorization. Consent. Each of these words implies that before taking action or making a decision, a higher power of some sort is involved and needs to be sought out and consulted. Sue Peterson, Managing Director and Client Manager at Cornerstone, discusses how having a conversation with your kids can help you go about spending "their inheritance" without the guilt.


LivFun - "Putting Your Regrets to Bed"
I could have. I used to. What if? How come? The London Olympics just ended, and I was struck by the bittersweet nature of the games, as some athletes met or exceeded their dreams and others saw them shattered on an international stage in front of a worldwide audience.


Seattle Business - Ken Hart, CEO of Cornerstone Advisors, on Preparing the Next Generation for Inheriting Wealth
If you ever want to make people uncomfortable, suggest they start talking finances with their family. For a variety of reasons, many accomplished people view the idea of laying out their assets, investment strategies, expenses and priorities as something to be avoided. Unfortunately, not communicating with the next generation about wealth can lead to those hard-earned assets fading away.


LivFun - "Sweet Release: Understanding the high price of a debt held too long"
"You always." "You never." These two phrases come smothered in such hot sauce that they create a zing in the recipient. Contrast this with "I forgive you" - three little words that quench like a refreshing drink when you are truly parched. Such is the nature of words. They can evoke such a visceral response, and one that seems to live outside the normal space-time continuum.


Puget Sound Business Journal - Ken Hart, CEO of Cornerstone Advisors, on Low Interest Rates and Estate Planning
With interest rates at historic lows in the United States, there is much focus and debate on the formidable challenges facing today's investors. However, within this environment there is a less discussed, but very promising, opportunity for smart investors to efficiently and effectively transfer some of their wealth-building power to subsequent generations or to their communities through philanthropic giving.


Liv Fun - "Money Matters: Age with Grace Financially"
Seasons of life. Growth opportunities. Trials. Whatever one calls them, out of these experiences our character is formed. If we are so fortunate, we become acquainted with wisdom along the way. Since our world is desperately in need of wisdom, I want to encourage you to celebrate it — “to make it known publicly,” according to the dictionary. Celebrate wisdom you have earned and learned, and share those guiding principles with others.


Fiduciary News – “Will Broker Evolution Obviate the Fiduciary Standard Debate?”
Since the U.S. Court of Appeals rescinded the Merrill Rule in 2007, RIA/broker-dealer dual registration has become to de facto standard in the brokerage industry. But does it merely represent the final stages of a dying breed, long surpassed by a more agile business model? Ken Hart, CEO of Cornerstone Advisors, weighs in on the dual registration debate.


LivFun – “Money Matter$”
Money. Every generation needs it, earns it and spends it. But try to have an intergenerational discussion of financial management and it’s quickly evident that the key economic, political and social events of each age group have a strong impact on how they want to earn, spend and invest their money. In spite of these differences, helping your children and grandchildren to manage their finances may be easier than you think – if you can discover common ground.


Seattle Metropolitan Magazine - "Dollar Defenders: Expert Advice for Choosing a Financial Adviser in Uncertain Times"
Ken Hart, CEO of Cornerstone Advisors on the top ten characteristics investors should look for when selecting an investment advisor.


RIA Biz - “Schwab to Pump Millions of Dollars Into Promoting RIAs as a Channel”
Ken Hart, CEO of Cornerstone Advisors on differentiating investment advisors and why an Independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) business model makes sense for investors.


Bloomberg Markets Magazine - Cornerstone Advisors Ranked Amongst "Top 50 Family Offices" Worldwide
Cornerstone Advisors is ranked amongst the “Top 50 Family Offices” worldwide according to a new list published by Bloomberg Markets magazine. Bloomberg surveyed more than 1,000 money management firms worldwide, using a database obtained from Portland, Oregon-based Family Offices Group of information self-reported by family-office firms. Cornerstone Advisors was ranked at number 33 on this list.


Investment News - Cornerstone Advisors Amongst "Top 50 RIA Giants" in Nation for 2011
Cornerstone Advisors Inc., a wealth and life building firm with more than $2 billion in assets under management, ranks number 25 amongst the "Top 50 RIA Giants" in the nation according to the new list published June 2011 by Investment News, the leading news source for financial advisors.


Forbes - Cornerstone Advisors Amongst "Top 50 Fee-Only Advisors" in Nation for 2011
Cornerstone Advisors Inc., a wealth and life building firm with more than $2 billion in assets under management, ranks number 21 amongst the "Top 50 Fee-Only Advisors" in the nation according to a new list published January 2011 by


Seattle Business - Cornerstone Advisors Recognized Amongst “100 Best Companies to Work For”
Cornerstone Advisors was recognized in Seattle Business as a "Best Company To Work For" by its own employees who ranked their firm in many different categories ranging from corporate culture, benefits and ongoing training and education.
Press Releases
John Canorro, CFA Joins Cornerstone Advisors as Director, Operational Due Diligence
Cornerstone Advisors, a wealth and life building firm with almost $3 billion in assets under management, announced John Canorro has joined the firm as Director, Operational Due Diligence.


Cornerstone Advisors Promotes Dave Jackson, CPA, CFP® and CFA, to Wealth Planning Director
Cornerstone Advisors has announced Dave Jackson, CPA, CFP®, CFA, has been awarded new responsibilities as Director, Wealth Planning. He has been with Cornerstone since March 2012.


Linda Olson Joins Cornerstone Advisors as Client Manager
Cornerstone Advisors, a wealth and life building firm with more than $2.4 billion in assets under management, announced today that they have hired Linda Olson as a Client Manager. In Linda’s new role, she will focus on serving the needs of executives and wealthy families with complex financial needs. Linda brings to Cornerstone over 20 years of experience in the financial industry.


Anne Farrell Joins Cornerstone Advisors Board of Directors
Cornerstone Advisors, a wealth and life building firm with more than $2.4 billion in assets under management, today announced Anne Farrell has joined the firm’s Board of Directors. Ms. Farrell brings significant corporate and nonprofit board experience, with particular strength in board governance, strategic planning, and financial accountability.


Cornerstone Advisors Introduces RISE: Wealth Management Services
Cornerstone Advisors, a wealth and life building firm with more than $2 billion in assets under management, today announced the launch of RISE, the firm’s newly expanded wealth management services for tax-exempt organizations. As an extension of Cornerstone’s nearly three decades of work with ultra high net worth individuals and families, RISE unites the firm’s investment strategy expertise and insights into donor expectations to bring comprehensive services to private foundations, nonprofit organizations and endowments. Cornerstone has been serving foundation and nonprofit clients since 1993.


Katie Robinette, CFA, Joins Cornerstone Advisors as Director of Private Equity
Cornerstone Advisors, a wealth and life building firm with more than $2 billion in assets under management, today announced Katie Robinette has joined the firm as Director of Private Equity.


Scott Dowling Joins Cornerstone Advisors as Client Manager
Cornerstone Advisors, a wealth and life building firm with more than $2 billion in assets under management, today announced that it has hired Scott Dowling as Client Manager.